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sports fans startups

Fan Engagement/ Experiences

Consumption of sports has undergone a massive change in the past few decades. From multi-platform channels for viewership to ways in which fans now engage with their favourite players and teams; virtual interaction at the venue or at the comfort of their homes. Today, sports fans are closer than before, as the many possibilities for fan engagement expand.

sports data startups

Athlete/ Player Performance Tracking

We’ve advanced from a stage where a sports player’s fitness regime was only restricted to exercise and match-day preparation. Today, with the moving technology products are aimed to enhance and track athletic performance by helping athletes and sports players to improve their speed, control and strength with increasing their tolerance and minimizing body injury.

sports media startups

Media & Content

Development of sports media clubbed with real-time, insightful and engaging content is resulting in world-class sports media services. With content that enhances exposure and value; sports innovation is also growing on a global scale, further strengthening the sports media and content industry.

sports startups

Sports Data

Sports data is actively being consumed in various industries like broadcast & media, fantasy sports, content, sports tech and sponsorships. Leveraging sports data with advanced metrics, augmented data and predictive analysis to meet the market needs – is truly the need of the hour.

sports equipment

Equipment & Sports-wear

Sports equipment & sports-wear industry is rapidly evolving owing to the adoption of newer sports technologies and the latest trends amongst the youth population. An increase in the popularity of sporting events is driving one of the key market categories with the introduction of innovative products.

sports venues

Venue Innovations

Not too long ago, stadiums were only constructed to host sporting events and concerts. Today, with increasing demand for on-ground engagement and extraordinary game day experience; stadiums and neighbourhoods are conceptualised to a whole new level – enthralling loyal fans and increasing the stadium’s asset value.

sports teams

Sports Organisations

Sports bodies and organisations across the world are one of the driving forces in the development of the sports tech and sports innovation industry. Sports organisations are leading and investing in new technologies to understand their target audience and players and improve their business and profitability.

esports startups


In the past couple of years, India has seen several emerging eSports start-ups with a trusted fan-base establishing this category as an investment-friendly sports start-up industry. Gaining global reputation and recognition; eSports is opening doors to a world of competitive gaming.